The G.T. Partnership

"Building stronger businesses together"

The G.T. Partnership (G.T.) was formed in early 2008 by Geoff Pigott  and Trevor Hodsdon, longstanding friends and previous work colleagues who decided to pool their extensive experience and create a business implementation consultancy.

Both Senior Partners enjoyed successful careers within the Lloyds Bank Group and have between them over 70 years of wide ranging practical know how, including the disciplines of lending, relationship management and sales training, operations and programme management.

G.T.’s business offering has three main strands:-

Consultancy Services

Our expertise lies in being able to help clients understand why strategies are not successfully implemented. However, our offering does not stop there, but goes on to provide the solutions to the business inhibitors. While our background and core experience lies in the Financial Services sector, we have also achieved success with enterprises ranging from healthcare, property, sport and leisure through to the charitable sector. 

Business Proposal Construction & Finance Finder

With the deskilling of individuals within Banking alongside the increasing usage of industrialised appraisal processes, many business and individuals find it hard to obtain support for their plans and requirements. G.T.  is able to shape propositions and match client needs, where risks and rewards are clearly aligned, to suitable financiers. G.T. covers personal and commercial lending plus equity finance.  Once client’s needs are fully understood and a proposal prepared, potential funders are sourced and deals completed. Utilising our APT approach, we have a track record of only putting forward business which is both realistic and beneficial to all parties.

Training Design & Delivery

Covering sales and sales management, relationship management, leadership, time management and prioritisation, presenting skills, business planning, self help and execution. Our offering is unique in that our solutions utilise G.T.’s ASK model to carry out a thorough analysis of the issues and design a bespoke solution, leveraging up to date thinking and models. We do not believe tired ‘off the shelf’ programmes are fit for purpose these days and do not provide the R.O.I. clients should be evidencing from their spend.


Underlying everything we do for clients are a number of key principles;

1) we always use plain English, avoiding jargon and consultant speak

2) a key part of our work is the initial research into the problem or opportunity area identified by the client

3) in the right circumstances we are prepared to carry out some or indeed or all of the initial research and produce our report and recommendations, on a no up-front fee basis. Only when the potential client agrees to go ahead with the suggested actions using  G.T. do we seek reimbursement for the research period. We are prepared to do this because we believe that our experience and approach identifies the key areas that need to be addressed to remove any obstacles and maximise the potential opportunity.

4) we provide excellent value for money, achieving payback over a short period of time

5)  G.T. offers a real hands on follow-up service to ensure successful execution of our 'Holy Grail', the client achieving it's goals 

6) we seek out the most appropriate funding solutions and in relation to development and consultancy, use the best and most up-to-date reference materials to provide tools and practises ensuring sustainability, and utilise Accelerated Learning techniques

7) our performance is measured by using the most challenging scorecard available (e.g. Net Promoter Scoring)

8) a determination to help clients focus on and deliver their key objectives. To do this we ensure that anyone we work with understands that we pull no punches if we believe they are not prepared to give the work the priority it requires to bring success on an ongoing basis.